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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  September 13, 2010 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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yellowbook360's got a whole spectrum of tools. tools that are going to spark some real connections. visit and go beyond yellow. >> live and at large has the obama adminisation finally found the sweet spot? >> what i have is the republicanings holding middle class tax hostage because they are insisting we have to give tax relief to millionaires and billionaires to the tune $10000 per millionae.akir that doesn't make senseful that's an example of what this election is all about. >> there were no new policies for mr. baner. but not to mr. baner. in fact erwhen mr. baner wasle in cleveland mr. baner dismissed s's jobs we saved mr. baner
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and republicans in congress mr. baner has so far said no to infrastructu. let me be clear to mr. baner and to everybody else. when these -- >> mr. baner mr. baner days after being publicly muged by the president john baner has blinked ladies and gentlemen and every family making more than $250,000 as year better get ready for higher t january. >> you were saying you were willing to vote for the middle class tax cuts even though the ll wilnot include tax extending the tax cuts for upper bracket in america. >> if the on the only action i to vote for 250 or below of course i am going to do that. i am going to do everything we can to extends the current tax ras for all americans. >> you heard that whatever else happens in november's midterm elections take this to the bank the house republican leader
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boehner has made an income tax hike for the wealthiest americans much more likely. i am raldo rivera joining me to assess this breaking bombshell in my opinion is conservative comedian and fox news contributor steve crowder. welcome to the program. appreciate you coming on board. >> thanks for having me. you look fan it is tick. >> did you hear what i heard? >> i did hear what you heard. i heard mr. boehner, mr. boboeh. >> he wants to separate us and them the have nots and the haves. you are looking at a top bracket going up significantly. 13 percent. over two-thirds of small businesses are taxed under that bracket. >> i hear that about the small businesses all of the time. but this is a small business where the owner of the small business and his wife are making
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$250,000 or more. they make the money in the salary but they are making ermo than a quarter million a year so the small business thing, isn't it relative steve really? >> i don't think it's relative when you look at how many are employed. this small business is maybe a -- >> that's what they are making. they are taking home 250,000. so that doesn't effect the people they are paying. those are costs of doing business. >> it does. it does. what effects theme a huge amoun is the uncertainty mr. geraldo. >> you can call me geraldo. >> i wanted to be respectful because i am significantly younger. >> it has uncertainty in people they are less likely to expand and less likely to hire people. >> that's w what the people who want the country club
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republicans want you to say so you don't make 250,000 but you are in favor of the richer people not getting the taxes going back to the clinton administration so they make you allies even though it'rs agains assuming you don't make 250,000 a year. you may be a wildly successful conservative comedian. >> who knows what i do under the table. dhat's true. >> i don't really care. the truth is we shouldn't care how much somebody make.s. here's what i hate. i hate we are in the party of big business, we are in the party of small business. i want the party of good business. if you are honest you play by the rules and you run your business on a true prophe mave profit margin. i want you to grow your business. these tax cuts if you don't renew them they will hurt the businesses. >> you talk about the real party. you know what i think the real party is. hike coming for the richest 3 perce percent of the country club ring of the gop
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is going to be upset. i don't think it's going to get much sympathy from mostlu americans including the real party that is in play right now the tea party and their members turned out in sstantial numbers. they came from every where to come to washington, d.c they were also in st. louis, missouri. there was another big crowd in sacramento california and other places in between. the tea parties generally oppose any tax hikes they are largely a middle class movement who's members seem as turned off by the old guard as they are by sidemocrats like theresident who theyee sut as a flat out socialt who deserves to be fired. >> i hope in about a year and a half to come to a building about two blocks that way and restore the balance of power between the states and the federal government and to kill the healthcare bill dead. i find mr elf outraged over
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what's happening in this country today. that is that this country is ankrupt. we need to be slashing spending we need to be reducing taxes. $0.43 out of every dollar that we are spending is borrowed. we need to cut government by 43 percent. >> gary johnson the former governor of new mexico. another former governor i think had the best line of the entire weekend appearing at a big 9-12 rally in alaska on saturday night sarah palin and our colleague glenn beckea appearin together talked about the persistent rumors that one or both of them was going to use the occasion on last night to announ a run for the white house to which governor palin said... >> i have asked about some big 2012 announcement. if there is going to be some big national announcement i w am gog to do it where it is most worthy. i am going to do something big. glen ck, it will happen on the
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bob and mark show. >> a fix tour onlaska radio. with midterm elections 51ho day away thousands marching across the country will the tea parties fall in line with the repitublin party with the old gop or do they or the most active among them seek to shake the very fabric of american politics and go their own way? do they want a candidate like a palin or a bec instead of someone like say a romney, mitt romney who appears right now to be the establishment frontrunner? let's ask our next beuest from c where his movement had another impressive display of his potential political muscle matt kib bee president and ceo of freedom works joins us. welcome. congratulations that was a good turnout. where does freedom work and the tea party sink up? is freedom work a tea party affiliate? how do you briefly describe that? >> i am a tea party year but
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what freedom works does we provide tools to actists who want to get involved. since the tea party movement is the largest social movement of fiscal conservatives that want to get active we have been ks oed in helpingol turnout. originally it was teaching folks how to get to taun hall meetings then it became building stages and providing infrastructure for these massive protests like we had at the capitol steps today. but between now and election dan it's teaching these polical nondvices how to get active and get out the vote efforts. >> i believe that youre an extremely reasonable articulate voice. i say that i am not stroking you because you come on my show. i believe you are as straight as shooter as i have heard in the american political arena. i am going to ask you this question. in kentucky the senate hopeful rand paul another charismatic
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and attractive candidate the guy is up 54 to 39 percent is likely going to be absent to stumble the next senator. here's what he said today in bowling green in kentucky. republicans have taken the easy way out by failing to backup tax cuts with corresponding spending reductions. rublicans have squandered congressional majorities in the past two decades td hey have doubled the national debt. he goes on of course to slam ths democrats as being even more responsible, but matt it sounds to me that rand paul at least is a plague on both your houses and he will exist on difrent standards unless he gets corrupted by the lobbyists that run washington right now, matt. >> he's making a powerful statement. what you are hearing from rhd paul and a number of tea party caidates that have taken out big spending republicans in primary races is it's not going to be business as usual.
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there is in fact what i call a positive till take overof the republican party going on. it is not just replacing the existing establishment candidates with new candidates but it's accountability on november 3rd. this tea party movement going to be there to hold these folks accountable to make sure promises of fiscal responsibility turn into action. >> we hope so. we will wait and see. let me ask you this. if you were going t o make a guest mat bause i doubt you have surveyed them because by the very nature they are not organized or not part of groups that are easily inventoried. what would you say is the average income for tea party family if you could guess. give me a break. i am not going to hold you to it. >> i g bet you it's 50 to 100,0 a year. >> say that again? >> somewhere between 50 and 100,000 a year. >> that's exactly what i thought. >> what does the tea party activist who believes that government is ripe with waste,
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fraud and abuse what does that person care about tax hik expiring for the wealthiest 2 and a half percent of americans those making over more than twice or two and a half times what the average tea party activist makes? >> well i think what you see when you walk through the crowds and talk to these folks is that theyelieve in the america of opportunity even if you don't maker 50,000 a yeahar you sure want that opportunity to do so some day. they also know our economy is stuck. >> are they going to vote against they going to believe until they come up with the highest 2 and a half percent even though it's not them it's a guy whoes lives in a different neighborhood than them. >> they would be displeadisplea. weave the floundering economy and the last thing you want to do is track --
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>> makes the republicans feel better i think this tax hike if that's what you call it is almost a reality. it will go through of course congress the way they did nothing on the death tax that's why we have a zero inheritance tax this year and 55 percent inheritance tax next year that's tha i predict john boehner will be true to his word he will agree they will save kutll of t tax kutsz if he doesn't he wila lose the tax party but he will allow it to 250 or more. mangtt congratulations. stand by i want to swap more stories with you as we go forward later on in the program. i want to ask our audience right now can be this be real? >> you aredisgusting. >> you don't acknowledge your nephew?
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>> i do. >> yes, of course did. >> yes. >> that's funny. >> don't spit in my face. >> do not break up my family. >> do not break up my family. you (bleep). you piece of beep b (bleep). you mother (bleep). >> you can want that person aro your baby? tonight we will probe the reality shows. we will have the return of the video music awards. we will give unou the grod zero imam who says it's too late to move the ground zero mosque. listen to this folks. h wife faked leukemia to get a free wedding and dress. story after this. here's a myth... nothing bad will ever happen. the truth, sooner or later, a little mayhem hits us all. today, there will be 15,920 accidents. and that's just cars. if you've got cut-rate insurance,
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>> i have ccerns of how much of this episode was scripted by your show or actions of your own
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initiative. if it was scripted you are taking it for a paycheck. >> very barrassed. this is not like me. i have never been in that situation before. i would like to apologize to anybody that i hurt. >> you seem to be acting like a lindsay lohan wannabe in this manner. >> what a good judge. my wife and daughters have a love hate thing with snooky her show the entire genre of reality whethers housewives the real world the jersey shore, but isn't the judge absolutely right. aren't they scripted shows acted out by big breasted or hard bodibod bodied amateurs. one and old t casablanca of eulr on-line the awful truth. welcome both of you. nice to see you. what's the awful truth. are they scripted, does it matter? >> of course. it's completely scripted just like the hills was. that was a big scandal. the hills was scripted.
1:18 am
it's really like the hills except with more booze and bigger they are getting into a lot more trouble. i love that i am on the show thatour wife was raled sdoe. we were talking about true blood and you bring me on when your wife left the show, huh? >> true and true blo tod i thin it's the finale tonight. s hung up on mow at 9:00. i guess it's over now. >> are the people dumb or desperate the players in the reality? it's a great break for them. you get rippled at-b ab a dime n in the gym. y make 5 million a year on the jersey shore. that is not a bad deal. >> i think it's unfair to say they are desperate. i actually think they should get kaud doe -- kudos for not hiding at least they want to be famous. they ar more honest about how
1:19 am
much they want to be famous. it's out there for everybody to enjoy. that's why people enjoy watching them. >> i have a love hate relationship with them, too. i think most of them are dumb and desperate. some of them lik you pointed out are very smart bethany frankel turned a stint on real housewives of new york into a multi million dollar branding empire for herself ander cookbooks. >> carolinas from theersey show are the best of the two. >> oh, yeah. they look the most sane out of all of them which is not hard to do in realityhi tv. i think a lot of it is scripted. if you watch some of these fights on the real housewives and jersey shore this is the way the people really behave. they are giving you more alcohol and they are taping it. i disagree with eshgs correspondent. >> which said they watched a marathon of jersey shore? was that lucas? i bet it was lucas. >> how can youatch marathon of jersey shore?
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>> is thisow you spends your time as a political junkie? >> my mom says can't you watch something more edifying? don't have time because i am watching fox news. people watch it because it numbs the brain. [ male announcer ] ziploc presents ziplogic. don't throw out your leftovers -- save more of them in a snap with ziploc containers with the smartsnap seal. one press and it's completely sealed. get ziploc. and get more out of it.
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and if needed, we help fix the identity theft. don't wait another minute. call now. go with the industry leader. in lifelock and get alerts to important information, a one million dollar service guarantee... plus a team of identity theft protection specialists. enroll now and get ten percent off your enrollment... for you and your entire family with today's special offer. call today and mention i.d. alert... or go to >> the headline in the muslim world will be i say ram is under attack in america it wl strengthen the radicals in the muslim world help their recruitment, this will put our people our soldiers our troops, our embassies under attack in the muslim world. and we have expanded and given and fueled terrorism. >> it's the third day of violent
1:24 am
protests outside of our military bases in afghanistan. today two of the protestors were killed. you heard from the imam at the proposed downtown mosque that started it all saying he never would have put it as close to ground zero as it did if hee knw it would comdde to this. adding as you heard it is now too late to move the mosque because that would lead to even more violence. he is back after two months over in the middle east. kimberly guilfoyle joins andrea andyself on this issue. andrea you first. he says it's too late. i says -- i says baiter late than never. what do you says? >> i think that this imam knew he c exactly what he was doingy sinc day one. i think it's not too late to move the mose. the fact that he is saying the things he's saying veiled threats geraldo. the mainseam media is not covering him and they are giving
1:25 am
him a pass and it's really outrageous. he should move this mosque. if he is saying there will be an out cry in the muslim world. >> it's already happening. >> i don't think you have to tribute evil to the guy. give him some slack. he's run the mosque down there 10 blocksri away in tribeca in e adjacent neighborhood. >> any deeply religious man who wants to build a bridge not just a one-way bridge would move that mosque. he knewxactly what he was doing. do you attribute kinds of evil pre-meditation? >> i am not going to say evil pre-meditation. >> pre-meditation. i won't characterize it. >> he is skilled in his communicative abilities.t' if he is a man of peace that's what he says he is he should show the gesture to the world and be ani uniter and show respt to the families of a 9-11 and me
1:26 am
themosque. >> whato you think about what you have heard what do you think about the violence that obviously erupted what do you think about the consequences of this decision? >> i agree with the two fine looking ladies of the panel. >> too bad you a n here dude. >> that's the real tragedy in all of this. >> you can hang out with the party guys. >> shock is he had no idea it would be controversial. this is like a guy saying if i had any idea calling your wife a big fat cow would make yo mad i wouldn't have done it but she is a big fat cow, ght? >> can you image the bridges he would -- i wasn't saying it to you. it would be like someone saying that. can u image theridges he would build if he said my goal is to be a man of peace? >> i would like you to come and learn what islam is all about. >> what jess cure has he mamade?
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from america's news headquarters i'm marianne rafferil. another fast moving wildfire sc ching the colorado foothills. if burned about 600 acres and destroyed at least one home in lives,landan helicopters, air tankers and 80 firefighters battling the flames. it comes as hundreds of evuees near boulder were able to return home after six days. crews hope to have that fire fully contained sometime sunday
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night. hurricane watchers are watching igor in the atlantic. top winds hittingec 140 miles prosecutor hour. no threat to land but it is expected to strengthen the next few days as it moves west. anwhile, tropical stor julia has just formed off the coast of africa, triggering storm warnings for parts of tvehe cae verde islands. i'm marianne rafferty. a now, back to "geraldo at large." for the latt headlines, go t fox >> my she is great, isn't she? there's a new wrinkle in herni ong running beef with kanye west.e that video out a couple weeks. taylor swift one of pop music brightest young stars, the return of music to music television.
1:32 am
>> katie perry's california girls has almost 45 million views on youtube. ♪ >> beyonce's video phone passed 121 mill. leang the pack lady gaga's romance 275 million views. >> the recent video credited with putting the m back in mtv is also the most controversial. ♪ >> it's "love the way you live" eminem's provocative duet with
1:33 am
rihanna. ♪ >> not only does the ones abused pop star sing about domestic violence but the mu tall lie toxic attraction that often lies at the heartf abusive relations like thene o she shared with chris brown and this mini opera brings to mind mtv's golden age. ♪ s >> videos like michael jackson'. "thriller"." >> and madonna's vogue. >> can even a video resurgence compete with the train wreck that now rule mtv's center stage? >> we need to talk about resurgence of television eloise parker forme mtv vj video jockey matt pin field.
1:34 am
he remains with us as does steve crowder. whavet do you think here we hav it big time why suddenly is mtv going back to the roots? or is it? >> i think the number of hits r these videos are getting on-line pe themselves. the fact that the little 20 second ads you see they are all making money. so music videos are becoming purchaseable again. >> you are saying any time my daughters listen to the music video - >> you pay for it but the adverters of the beginning of the video are paying for it. it's making money again. >> kimberly went to nrobi and kenya roaming charges were $850. >> you are paying for it. >> matt, what do you think? >> i do the morning show at wrxp. i know people love to watchv videos. i think they care about videos music fans want to be able to
1:35 am
make contact and see the video. >> they are correct they are watching it on blackberry or ipod. >> people are going to the videos because they watch them on television. reality shows are taking up the network they are going to call on youtube and other web sites. >> is mtv moving to reem president the rivalry? >> the fact is you don't have to be a computer whiz to find it on-line. you do a google search and tre it is. >> where do you watch your music? >> i couldn't hear you. i was listeningo music in my r phone. >> what i think is important to note is on-line has changed the cost structure. if you have any kind of a corporate cost structure you can't make youtube work. that's how i ended up working here at fox. it gives power back to the
1:36 am
individual. you are seeing artists use that properly. the first instinct is always resist the big change. napster came along let's use youtube to to add ties videos themselves. it helps the artists individually. >> videos got -- even the m a em which is operatic and about a serious topic. >> which is important as well. >> it's more exciting even the youtube. >> it is exciting and instan tin whyous gratificion. i can find a video so easy. you click it you have got it on youtube it helps you connect with the artist and get a sense of the song become more compassionate about it bse teca you can get that visualization>> am so incompetent. i don't know how to do anything. >> i still have bob dylan as my
1:37 am
ring tone. >> i probably could. thanks. very interesting. 250 million hits you get paid every time, every one of them? >> that's right.he it is the main sponsor of this. >> you bet a penny 250 million. you have to make videos. >> upstate the vault. >> geraldo -- >> you should videotape yoursf doing a cover of num ma, num ma. that will go so viral. >> hum me a couple of bars. >> numa, numa. you know the song geraldo. there's a video up there of you doing it. >> as long as we are talking music there's a new report of british researchers that says if you can dance you can score with the women of your dreams. remember this guy the king elvis the pelvis. this guy remembers.
1:38 am
>> i have a vague reck rex of this guy since we actually practiced together once. hammer, hammer really brought dance into the urban era. of course before my back hurt so did i. got me in slo-mo there. >> what dot cancers have in common? let'shback to the british scientists i mentioned. i am serious about this. they tested their theory about movement and se appeal showing women real women that they surveyed computer generated av c avatars. not just the movie it's the computer generated humanoid chacters. they showed women the avatars doin g their thing on theance floor and here are the results. guys who dance like this are likely to bedi dissed. you do the bite your lip shuffle you are not going to make it to
1:39 am
first base. if you do this this is how you get down according to these scientists you will be dating in no time. >> also if you do it naked. >> how do you learn to boogie down? i mentioned earlier we have the matching boutique. not every guy is as lucky to have a teacher as i did. tonight we dance you decide. my next guest distinguishes the travoltas from the trolls. we welcome to the program eve plumber she is jan from the brady bunch the middle daughter as you know. eve, jan, welcome. >> hello. >> i know you are in this off broadway show "ms. abigail's guide to dating, mating and marriage." so you have become a dating guru aside from being an icon i know of classic tv. >> right.
1:40 am
yes. we haven't started the show yet. it opens october 24th. is like abigail's guide a seminar for the audience about dating mating, marriage. there are flirting tips and great giveaways and a lot of audience unt interreaction. >> do you teach audience members how to kiss and if so how do you do that? >> yes, i do and no i am not going to tell you because you have got to come see the show. i am not going to give away all of my secrets. >> i googled it. it's on off broadway you can find it. do you believe dancing is really away a man the savage beast can wouldn't his mate. >> it's a fine line between embarrassing yourself and turning somebody on or getting their interest. you have to be careful about what you are going to do out there. even watching the avatavatar, something like that is more interesting. it's a little bit embarrassi in.
1:41 am
the idea is have your moves down don't embarrassho yourself. show a little bit of yourself and still have fun. >> you are not going to do this one? >> take it easy over there. >> it's the tore so move. >> he will have a weak i programming. >> it's the head andore so move. it said that was what is attractive. >> i think it's the mustache personally. >> what about the way women dance >> what do you think? >> i think it takes o. maybe if the man is attractive with head and tore so move maybe the ladies is a more much a pelvic elvis action. >> jan on the brady bunch. the new show "ms. abigail's ing and ding marriage" i want to thank our guests steve, matt and deloise. stand by. coming up is it legal to recruit homeless people to run as third party candidates.
1:42 am
recruiting homeless people to run as third party candidas even if the party they are running with doesn't know them and doesn't want them. the answer from where else? arizona after this. ♪
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>> i am real. i am here to stay. >> all of this is one big misunderstanding they are trying to make things more confusing.
1:46 am
i went to the green party. >> if we want to change the t rules they can change the rules. i don't make them i know how to win by them. >> steve may who added the so-called sham sters to the arizona state ballot. this is one of his candidates. meet thomas meadows who we are told i don't know if it's true is the homeless tarrot card reader. he is a green party candidate for arizona state treasurer. ree you a homeless tarot card reader and if so where are you staying tonight? >> first of all i want to thank you for having me on the show. i have been watching your show since i have been a kid. >> how if you are homeless? do you watch it at the qui bus station? >> no last time i slept outside was on a camping trip. >> what are you running for? >> for arizona state treasurer
1:47 am
on theen party ticket. i wanted to come on here tonight to let not jus the arizona citizens know i am the green party candidate. >> wait a minute. how much do you have in your own savings account? >> all of that money belongs to the campaign. i am putting all oinf my resours in it. >> how much is it? >> undisemployeesed figur -- undisclosedre figures. >> how did you get recruit to do run for arizona state treasurer? who approached you? >> it was on july 15th a friend of mine i have known for a lonve time, steve may he's a friend outside of mpolitics. >> steve m the republican party operative decruited you what did he say? he's not from omthe green party from the republican party he recruited you. what did he say? >> he asked me if i wanted to run for state treasurer because he knew i wanted to run for office. >> did he give you any money?
1:48 am
>> no. of course not. >> what did it take for you to get on the green party ticket? did you is ask any one in the green party if you could run? >> first of all i want a chance to get my side of the story across here first and foremost. july 159 he came to me at about 1:00 in the afternoon the deadline was at 5. i didn't have much time to make an informed decision. i said no at first because you only need one vote on the green party to get nominated. that seemed a little fishy to me. i got a look at the web site. >>re could be some aspects that i don't know about and i care not to know about it because i am trying to focus on the issues. >> what's that guy south carolina tha running for senate? >> alvin green. >> i would like a debate between thomas and alvin green. >> alvin green would win. no? >> attorney general candidate
1:49 am
terry goddard joins us. general i know that youre trailing brewer by looks like i would say 3-2 but having a third party green candidate on the ticket is going to make it worse it would seem to me. are you really angry with what is going on here? >> there are dirty political tricks being played here. >> in it was tried two years ago by a republican operative. freezed out a democratic candidate in the legislature they used in several instances including mr. meadows they used people changed their party the day before or the day of the last day to file to be arite in o candidate and it takes one vote to become a nominee of a party. in this case the green party who didn't -- >> if i have a chance to interject. i think the green party should have knohawn about it. >> what did you say thomas? >> i think the green party
1:50 am
should have been notified of this loop whole that's one of the things i found a problem with it when i went to the july meeting under steve's suggestion in which if he was a part of some type of republican py he would not be suggesting he do that. >> it was totally a republican ploy. >> he was a friend outside of politics who kw i wanted to run for office. >> if you want to win at any costs it's a brilliant ploy. ploy it is.d ladies and gentlemen, an arizona judge red at least preliminarily the democrats cannot get a temporary injunction to stop what happened with h thomas. i have to have you back. i am kind of up against the hard break. break. going to ñ÷♪h dancing earlier.
1:51 am
♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] try fixodent with a time-released formula. use just once per day for all-day hold. it is important to use the product as directed. for poor-fitting dentures, see your dentist. for hold from dawn to dark... fixodent and forget it.
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>> this is a fox news alert. you are remember joey chestnut the legenog eater. he expanded his realm. joey is now the king of the burrito downing 47 burritoess i 10 minutes at the new mexico state fair the previous world record for burrito eating was 33 and a half. joey chestnut rules the burrito. >> divorced like unearned money that's inherited i think brings out the worst in everybody. watch this from "inside edition." >> the doctor's office says you are lying your husband says you are lying. why should anybody belief you? >> the people that know me know i am a humble person i would never take advantagef any one. my hair was falling out in my aunt's hands. >> her hair was falling out in her au's hands. did jessica go so far as to pretended to have cancer to cash in on the sympathy of friends and family who gave her everything from her wedding dress to the couple's honeymoon
1:55 am
following their may 2010 wedding? that is the claim made by none other than jessica's husband estranged husband obviously michael o'connell who says he was also dubb -- duped by the nw wife that he says he thoht was dying from terminal cancer. you have a kid together. right? >> yes, i do. you really believed shead cancer. >> welcome. >> kimberly. >> y thought your wife had cancer? how did you fige out she really didn't have cancer? >> she never got any sicker. i called the doctor's office where she was supposedly being treated where she p produced th letter where she has 6-8 months to live according to that letter she should be on her death bed. >> due to your blood count you are at risk of death another 6-8 months. this is kinds of lame. you went on this you believed this? your wife is dying has 6-# months to alive.
1:56 am
looks like a form letter almost. >> i never took a good la look it because i was upset by the wording of it i folded it up and put it away. >> you expected her t waste away? >> yeah. >> really? >> yeah i really did. >> when somebody says you have cancer you don't expect them to be lying. it's disgusting what she pulled. >> really youwear to god you believed your wife? >> i swear on everything. everyth>> you have a combab bee says she is dying? >> i believe him. it rips through you you are emotional. >> is it his obligation to second-guess his wife and say maybe she is a big fat liar and she is trying toofr ts to get a free wedding? he's right -- >> she is not blowing her nose. i am just saying. if you believe -- >> you are a parent. >> you hav a divorce going on with this woment. now. >> right. >> you are not yet divorced.
1:57 am
>> who has the baby? >> she does. >> are you fighting for custody? >> yes. >> are you using this in your custody battle? >> absolutely. >> there is right and wrong. >> there is right and wrong. my nasal allergies are ruining our camping trip. i kn who works different than many other allergy medications. hoo? omnaris. [ men ] omnaris -- the nose! [ man ] did you know nasal symptoms like congestion can be caused by allergic inflammation? omnaris relieves your symptoms by fighting inflammation.
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